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The last link in the Bothnian Corridor

18 September 2014  •  Author(s): Elisabeth Sinclair – Project Leader for the North Bothnian Line Group

Bothnian Corridor

The North Bothnian Line forms the last link in the Bothnian Corridor which is part of the strategic European mainline rail Core Network. The EU and the Region are willing to finance the line estimated to cost €2.6 billion, and all that is missing now is a positive decision from the Swedish Government, writes Elisabeth Sinclair – Project Leader for the North Bothnian Line Group.

Europe is facing gigantic challenges in meeting the competition from Asia and the USA. One means of doing so is by facilitating commerce and movement in Europe. Consequently the global transport systems have to be aligned. On 19 November 2013, the EU passed the final decision to prioritise the Core Network. Part of this rail network, due for completion by 2030, is the Bothnian Corridor which extends along the Swedish and Finnish sides of the Gulf of Bothnia. Part of the Bothnian Corridor is the North Bothnian Line which is an important section.

The Bothnian Corridor will bring together several rail networks and enable transport to the east-west interchange between the east coast of the USA and the Far East. The 270km-long North Bothnian Line between Umeå and Luleå will connect to the Bothnian Line in the south for onwards transportation towards Europe, the Iron Ore Line in the west leading to Norway and the sea routes, and to the east via the Haparanda Line to the Finnish and Russian rail networks.

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