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Non-Touch Detection system supplements Mayser’s Obstacle Detection and Drag Detection systems

7 August 2014  •  Author: Mayser

mayser_401Mayser’s new Non-Touch Detection system serves as a predictive jostling protection implemented directly on the main closing edge of the Mayser finger protection profiles. If a passenger approaches the active zone of the sensor, the capacity of the electrical field changes, and the movement of the door is stopped before the door can touch the passenger.

Two significant advantages in terms of passenger safety and trouble-free operation make the non-touch system a convincing solution for transport companies and door and vehicle manufacturers.

Firstly, it prevents all forces from being exerted against passengers boarding and alighting by automatically closing vehicle doors. Secondly, in contrast to sensors such as light curtains or scanners, the technology on which the Non-Touch Detection system is based only influences the automatic closing movement of the door in the event of an immediate danger of trapping or jostling. Whereas the detection range of light curtains or scanners covers the complete entrance area, the Non-Touch Detection system only reacts to movements in the immediate critical area of the sensor, along the main closing edge.

Webinar: LoRa wireless connectivity helps operators in transportation

Improving passenger experience and predicting operational issues in vehicles with sensors are major goals for transportation operators. New technology in the low power wireless domain can help. A single LoRa low power wireless gateway can cover a whole train and dispatch sensor data to the cloud for real-time analytics.

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