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SwissRapide Express® – Switzerland’s next generation of passenger transport

5 August 2014  •  Author(s): Niklaus König – President and CEO of SwissRapide AG

Niklaus König – President and CEO of SwissRapide AG

Niklaus König – President and CEO of SwissRapide

Today, intercity travellers in Switzerland are faced with crowded trains on a daily basis, regular delays causing missed connections as well as traffic jams on the country’s main motorways – valuable time which is lost when commuting, particularly between the cities of Berne and Zurich, Lausanne and Geneva, as well as between Zurich and Winterthur. The principal reason for these problems with mobility in Switzerland is that there is a lack of sufficient capacity on the railway and motorway infrastructure between these cities – the most frequented in the country. Without innovative solutions, improvements can only be had through massive government investments in new transport infrastructure. For European Railway Review, Niklaus König – President and CEO of SwissRapide AG reveals details of a new transportation idea for Switzerland – the SwissRapide Express®.

During the coming years, the demand for mobility in Switzerland is expected to increase further. As an example, the number of travellers on the SBB rail network has increased by an average of 5% p.a. between 2005 and 2012. Looking into the future, the SBB forecasts a growth of between 60-90% on the aforementioned lines by 2020.

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