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FLEXX Compact – the most successful bogie platform for regional and commuter trains

4 December 2013  •  Author(s): Frederik Allert, Product Engineer, Bombardier Transport France S.A.S.

BOMBARDIER1 FLEXX1 Compact is now a well-established name in the world of bogies for railway vehicles. There are currently more than 7,000 FLEXX Compact bogies in service or on order worldwide. Recently, the production of the 1,000th FLEXX Compact bogie for SNCF’s commuter train – BOMBARDIER1 SPACIUM1 – was celebrated at Bombardier’s site in Crespin, France. Simultaneously, the 1,400th FLEXX Compact bogie for BOMBARDIER1 TALENT12 trains for Deutsche Bahn left Bombardier’s factory in Siegen, Germany. The latest version of this type of bogie takes advantage of Bombardier’s extensive experience in this segment, with roots dating back to the 1990s with the bogies developed for BOMBARDIER1 TALENT1 vehicles.

The FLEXX Compact platform is characterised by a modular approach for maximum design flexibility. The FLEXX Compact bogie family is versatile in its range of features and performance due to wide use of adaptable modules and proven standardised components. This gives the advantages of a flexible bogie concept that can be cost-effectively adapted to meet specific operational requirements. FLEXX Compact bogies offer high quality running performance and are easy to maintain with low maintenance costs.

Bogies of the FLEXX Compact family are lightweight and have a torsionally elastic frame for optimal safety against derailment. The bogies are compact and therefore highly suitable for lowfloor vehicles where space for under-floor equipment is limited or for double-deck vehicles where reduced height of the side beam is required to accommodate the compact bogie to carbody interface.

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