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The hub in the Swedish railway system

26 September 2013  •  Author(s): Maria Jaderholm, Project Manager Railway Operations, Transportstyrelsen

Transportstyrelsen – the Swedish Transport Agency – represents Sweden in the EU and also listens to the demands from the Swedish railway market. In an interview for European Railway Review, Maria Jäderholm, Project Manager for Railway Operations at the Swedish Transport Agency, reveals that by listening, explaining and creating dialogue between the market and the EU, the Swedish Transport Agency forms a hub in the national railway system.

“Sweden is somewhat different,” states Maria – the contact person for the Council of Railway – the place where railway companies in Sweden gather and talk about regulation changes coming from the EU and what response the Swedish Transport Agency is going to send back to the EU. But you can’t talk about the Railway Council without talking about which role the Swedish Transport Agency has as a governmental agency.

On 1 January 2009, the Swedish Transport Agency started after a couple of years of preparation and investigation. The agency gathers all four ways of transportation in one; road, railway, maritime and aviation. The agency is responsible for: granting permits; keeping records over the permits; exercising supervision over the permit holders (railway companies, both operators and infrastructure companies); and formulates regulations.

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