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Rolling Stock Maintenance & Refurbishment supplement

Rolling Stock Maintenance & Refurbishment Supplement 2013

This free to view Rolling Stock Maintenance & Refurbishment supplement is sponsored by Schaku, SweMaint, Masteris, Wabtec, Bombardier, Zvolen and Bonatrans:

  • Transforming the Heathrow Express fleet
    Daniel Smith, Head of Engineering, Heathrow Express
    The 1991 Heathrow Express Railways act paved the way for BAA plc. and British Rail to realise the concept of a high-speed rail link between central London and its principle airport, Heathrow. The project was completed seven years later with an opening by the then Prime Minister Tony Blair and the first trains started serving customers on 23 June 1998…
  • Fully controlled fleet maintenance boosts performance levels
    It has been quite a journey for SJ following its conversion to a limited liability company. In 2002, SJ was as a public authority on the verge of bankruptcy. Since then, the company has undergone tremendous change and is now a market-focused enterprise. The company has created a flexible pricing model that enhances its profitability, despite a significant reduction in its lowest fares. Unnecessary costs have been eliminated, and the fleet is used more efficiently. In an interview for European Railway Review, Claes Broström, Vice Presidenrollt of Fleet Management at SJ who is involved in the procurement of new trains and maintaining the old rolling stock for the company, comments on how fleet maintenance is handled at SJ and the importance of upgrading the SJ 2000 fleet for future performance…
  • Fleet maintenance optimisation
    Christian Daniel, Maintenance Organisation Director, SNCF
    Methodology and organisation are essential issues for effective fleet management and there are always important safety items to contemplate. Defining a high level maintenance strategy will safeguard the daily availability of rolling stock and continue providing commitment to customers/passengers.

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