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Track Systems supplement 2013 (free to view)

Track Systems Supplement 2013This free to view Track Systems supplement is sponsored by KIROW, Harsco Rail, Amberg Rail, LINSINGER, SRS RAIL SYSTEM and Trimble:

  • Under Sleeper Pads in Track – the UIC project
    Florian Auer, Past Project Manager for ‘USPs in Track’ / Rodolphe Potvin, Head of Track Laboratories, SNCF / Paul Godart, Deputy Director of Infrastructure at Infrabel and Chairman of the UIC Track Expert Group / Laurent Schmitt, Infrastructure Senior Advisor, UIC
    After gathering positive results from several railway companies, the UIC decided to launch a second project on the topic of Under Sleeper Pads (USPs). Between 2010 and 2012, members from 12 countries all over Europe and Japan worked on one of the biggest projects seen in recent years carried out by the UIC. Measurements in the laboratory and theoretical studies complemented the intensive on-site measurements on various test tracks in Europe. The project name – ‘Under Sleeper Pads in Track’ or ‘USPs in Track’ – aimed to develop a new track model to understand why tracks with USPs give a better performance…
  • In-service track monitoring
    Clive Roberts, Professor of Railway Systems at the University of Birmingham and Director for Railway Research, Birmingham Centre for Railway Research and Education / Paul Weston, Research Fellow, Birmingham Centre for Railway Research and Education
    In the drive to reduce the cost of railway maintenance, research at the University of Birmingham’s Centre for Railway Research and Education has been developing track monitoring systems that are able to detect and diagnose track geometry faults from in-service vehicles. This work is being undertaken in the UK as part of the EPSRC funded Track 21 project and in Germany in collaboration with Deutsche Bahn as part of the European FP7 AUTOMAIN project…

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2 responses to “Track Systems supplement 2013 (free to view)”

  1. Paul Godart says:

    I am the co-writer of the paper : Under Sleeper Pads in track – The UIC project. This paper was published in Issue 2 2013 Track Systems supplement. Unfortunately , I have lost the copy of this paper.
    Can you send me a copy of this paper, indeed I have to prepare a conference on this item.
    Thank you by advance.

    • Nicholas Jackson says:

      Hi Paul, I’ve sent you an email with a link to the PDF version of the supplement.

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