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Whitepaper: How the internet of things will change the way we monitor the Railways

27 March 2013  •  Author(s): Tim Taberner, Eurotech UK

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In the rail industry, in common with most of the markets it serves, Eurotech sees clients and end users being increasingly frustrated with the integration issues raised by the lack of interoperability between different systems, the need to acquire data from new and ‘difficult’ assets, and the complexities posed by providing reliable communications to highly mobile assets operating in remote locations. We often hear comments like

‘if only we could easily combine data from system A and system B we could correlate X and Y and…’;


‘if only we could easily share this information with these other stakeholders then…’;

‘… it would give us a saving/increase our efficiency/provide a better customer experience’

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5 responses to “Whitepaper: How the internet of things will change the way we monitor the Railways”

  1. Prasad says:

    Why are we limiting our thoughts to just monitoring. Can’t we do control part as well!! In that case there are more opportunities and more challenges. Good to have.

    But one thing missing is there are no specific Standards / Regulations to adopt to manage the situation, in my opinion.

  2. Dr Malcolm Gylee says:

    I am very interested in this – Flexible Block Sections spring to mind!

  3. Yes, I would like to lern more about this!

  4. DB Srinivas says:

    Would like to understand IoT Applications for railways

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